What is a vacation rental?

It is the short-term rental of an apartment, villa or individual house. The owners of the objects have concluded an agreement with our administration and management agency. Therefore, when renting, you will be able to communicate only with representatives of our agency.

How can I be sure the property meets my requirements?

For each property we provide the most complete description, including equipment and consumables. In addition, all objects have current photographs. If you would like additional information or questions for clarification, we will be happy to assist you.

Can I visit a property before renting?

If you are in the area and the property is available (not currently occupied by the other client), we will be happy to arrange your viewing.

Are you charged a security deposit?

We have both objects in which it is necessary, and those in which it is not. This information is always indicated in the description.

If required, the security deposit is taken upon arrival and returned on the day of departure.

What is the pet policy?

We try to collaborate with owners who are friendly to animals. Almost all of our properties allow small or medium sized pets. If prohibited, this condition is always indicated in the description.

What happens if I accidentally cause property damage?

Don’t worry, accidents happen. Please inform your contact person at our agency as soon as possible. You will be expected to cover the cost of fixing it.

Don’t try to ignore or hide the damage because it could get worse and will only come out of your deposit at the end of the rental.